VeriGrain Crop Production Event

For Immediate Release

January 8, 2020

SASKATOON, SK – VeriGrain™ is set to unveil their revolutionary new automated sampling system. In a sampling world that remains manual and random, VeriGrain™ provides automated and representative samples that helps producers get maximum value for their grain.

VeriGrain™ automatically takes statistically accurate, representative samples, which it scans to create a digital twin of what’s in your bin.

“VeriGrain™ is a game-changer for producers. For the first time they will have accurate, detailed digital information about their stored grain so they can better negotiate optimal pricing,” says VeriGrain™/Intelliconn™ CEO, Ken Jackson.

Angela Griffiths, VP Food Safety, Food Quality and Animal Welfare for A&W Food Services of Canada Inc. added that VeriGrain™, “…represents a remarkable step forward in providing real-time information on the quality of grain crops and we are looking at how this technology can benefit our supply chain.”

“This is a great opportunity for the University (of Saskatchewan) to support the agriculture sector,” said Terry Fonstad, Associated Dean of Engineering, who was instrumental in architecting the recently signed memorandum of understanding between the U of S and VeriGrain™.

See the unveiling of this game-changing new product on Tuesday Jan. 14, 2020 at 1:30pm in the World Trade Centre at Prairieland Park during the Crop Production Show.
For more information, visit or call Scott Cunningham 1.403.383.1586.

About VeriGrain™
Founded in 2019 as a subsidiary of Intelliconn™, VeriGrain™ is an automated grain sampling and data management system. VeriGrain™ provides grain information transparency, traceability, and trust in the food chain.

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