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VeriGrain Selected to Participate in The Soy Innovation Challenge and Canadian Technology Accelerator Program

We were pleased to find out this week that VeriGrain was selected for two significant programs. VeriGrain was chosen from a number of applicants.

The Soy Innovation Challenge is sponsored by U.S., an organization which is focused on promoting innovation to provide exceptional composition and consistent supply of soy and soy products, as well as sustainability practices of U.S. farmers. VeriGrain provides more accurate, trusted, information regarding soybean quality and quantity at the farm which allows growers and buyers to realize optimal utilization and value.

The Canadian Technology Accelerator program will connect VeriGrain with key companies and investors in the agtech sector in Minneapolis and San Francisco. The CTA program assists Canadian businesses with commercialization and capital acquisition in key market locations.

Being selected for these important programs is further evidence of the significance and potential of VeriGrain.

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