New VeriGrain App Gives Farmers Ability To Get Top Prices For Grain

SASKATOON (June 15, 2021) – Western Canadian farmers can now take advantage of knowing their grain’s quality with the VeriGrain™ App. Available on Apple and Android, the VeriGrain App includes features that will allow farmers to get the most for their grain by giving them the most accurate quantity and quality information of their bin contents. Approximately 70 per cent of grain is sold undervalued because the grower does not have accurate grain characteristics information—having a clear picture of the grain’s quality in the bin benefits both grower and buyer.

Farmers can easily create a record of their grain sample as it is loaded in or out of their bin to add characteristics, analyze, track and share the information with potential buyers. The VeriGrain App includes features like the Bin Contents Profile, showing growers the sampled layers in their bins with the related characteristics and calculates a weighted average of the bin contents. The SampleAssist™ feature calculates the optimal time interval and number of samples required to accurately represent the quantity of bushels sampled—the phone beeps and vibrates when it is time to take a sample. The app also allows for easy interaction with labs to receive an independent, detailed analysis of the sample. Tests can be ordered directly from the app with results added to the sample record, ensuring a third-party is verifying the grade.

When you consider that different grades and specific characteristics can change final prices by up to 20 per cent or more, knowing exactly what’s in your bins is crucial for maximum profits,” says Ken Jackson, VeriGrain CEO. Without knowing the contents of their bin, grain farmers are often underselling their product and not maximizing their profit. Providing more detailed information to buyers also instills a level of confidence in the grower by ensuring there are no surprises when the grain is delivered.

“We recognize the risk that growers face when delivering their grain with the possibility of it being downgraded or rejected,” says Jackson. “The VeriGrain App empowers growers to make appropriate marketing and selling decisions because they know the value of what’s in their bin. The buyer can also feel confident in what they are purchasing—it’s valuable to both parties to know.”

Growers can download the VeriGrain App for an introductory subscription price of $295 per year. VeriGrain also sells individually bar coded 3.5 and five-gallon containers and tamper-evident sample bags which preserve the samples and simplify sample tracking.

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