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VeriGrain’s First Harvest Exceeds Expectations

VeriGrain's First Harvest Exceeds Expectations!

This harvest, the VeriGrain app will be used by over 70 leading-edge growers in Western Canada and the Northern United States. It's expected to provide sampling and grain quality and quantity management for over 8 million bushels of grain.

With record-high prices this year, knowing the quality of your grain is crucial to ensure you get the maximum price.

The VeriGrain app manages your samples and lets you interact with grain buyers and independent labs to get sample analysis and then add the results to your sample record.

Feedback from users have been very positive and will allow us to fine-tune the product, making it even more useful and easy to use.

We are pleased to add Discovery Farms in Saskatoon to the Smart Farms that are utilizing VeriGrain. This includes Olds College in Olds, AB and Grand Farm in Fargo, ND.