Producer Samples 445,200 Bushels

R & T Kelly Farms at Cutknife, SK used VeriGrain to acquire and manage samples from 445,200 bushels of wheat, barley, canola and peas that they harvested this year. Justin Kelly and an employee used the VeriGrain app to create a digital sample record and acquired samples using the Sample Assist feature. The samples were stored in the individually bar-coded, sealable VeriGrain containers and some were split and sent to SGS for analysis. "I like the discipline the VeriGrain app brings to sampling, which results in more representative samples and I like how easy it was to track the samples using the bar-coded containers and bags," Justin said. This harvest, the VeriGrain app will be used by over 70 leading-edge growers in Western Canada and the Northern United States to provide sampling and grain quality and quantity management for over 8 million bushels of grain. VeriGrain has embarked on a $532,500 project over the next three years with Saskatchewan Polytechnic's Digital Integration Centre of Excellence (DICE) to advance VeriGrain's app to help grain producers and buyers maximize profits and food quality. The project includes expanded capabilities for tracking and managing grain quality and quantity interaction with online grain sales platforms and farm management software. The project is supported by a $300,000 NSERC Applied Research and Development grant and $112,500 from the Mitacs Accelerate program.

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