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The Future of Seed Production

Over the course of the last two weeks, we have been learning about the Seed Regulation Modernization process hosted by Seeds Canada (Seed Summit 2022). Thanks Lorne Hadley for the invitation!  As you aware this is industry, farmers, government, producer groups, commodity groups, & end-users discussing pathways forward to modernize the seed regulations in Canada.  The last real revision was done in the mid 90s.  The results of these meetings will impact and change how seed is grown, processed, and distributed in the future. Among other things, this Summit will build awareness for Seed Modernization, understand the needs in the value-chain & how to create efficiencies by utilizing technology. 

Last week in, there was an article posted about Digital tags next step for Canada's certified seed sector.  This is a great step in making the system more efficient.  

 Sample acquisition and digital information management are key elements in this process…   

One of the keys to success will be for technology providers to be able to work with other partners in the value-chain.  Being able to share data safely and efficiently will be table-stakes.  In our area of expertise – after harvest management of Grain Quality and Grain Quantity, we have been developing our App to be able to integrate with other platforms.  So far, so good. 

Our Process (continued)… 

After downloading our App, you can either pay for a subscription, or you may be invited by a Buyer (Processors, Labs, Brokers etc) and enter their specific code for our App to get started.  After you enter information about you farm, you can build a few bin yard sites, types of bins, capacity, etc.  Once that is complete you can now start utilizing our process.  But first, you will need to start by scanning the barcode on our VeriGrain Sample Container.  

Being prepared at harvest time for Sample Acquisition is as important as making sure you have enough fuel in your tanks.  We have integrated bar codes into our process as the data is in real-time, they are accurate, easy to use, and are relatively low cost. This is important to understand as they form the backbone of which your data gets built upon.  Your initial sample, the one that you scan the barcode forms your Primary Sample information. Remember “garbage in, garbage out” when inputting data. 

Primary Sample Information 

As you are using our Manual Sample assist or a VeriGrain automated sampler, you can enter the field from where the grain is originating from, the legal land location, which bin yard, and which bin the grain is being put into.  This information is all tied back to the bar code that creates your Primary Sample Information.    Once you have finished the Sample for the bin of for the Container, you can close the Sampling portion off and start on a new one.  If you have a 30,000 bu bin, you can customize the sample taking process to ensure that you are creating a Sample for every 10,000 bu.   

In you grain sample storage area, you can put your VeriGrain Containers, there is a little window to see what grain in in the container, plus the barcode.  You can scan the barcode to go back to the information that you have already entered.  If you know the barcode you are looking for you can easily search for it on your shelf by looking at the last 3 #’s on each container.  For example, if barcode 10000465 is needed, you just scan for “465”.  

Splitting the Primary Sample 

After a good mixing [reference - link Canadian Grain Commission -sample splitting guidelines], you can split the Primary Sample and put the grain in VeriGrain’s  tamper-evident bags.  These bags are also barcoded and will become your Sub Sample.  Our bags are designed to hold 1kg (wheat).  You can track where you drop off your sub-samples, the analysis you receive from those Buyers.  You can send your sub-sample to a Lab that we have partnered with and select the testing that you want completed. If you send your sub-sample to a Lab, those results will show up in your data set after they are completed. 

VeriGrain's goal is to develop a new standard in Grain Sample Acquisition and Management. We want our Growers and Processors to have confidence in the sample that they have is the most accurate sample possible. VeriGrain has developed a process that can be easily adopted on the farm.  We can go as high-tech as you want with our automated samplers, or as low tech with our Manual Sample Assist feature on your smart-phone. We will continue describing our process next week. Learn more or sign up for a subscription  

VeriGrain is an agtech company focusing on Sample Acquisition & Data Management.  

VeriGrain are the experts in on-farm sample acquisition and digital information management.      

Randy Ellis
Randy Ellis is the Director of Sales & Marketing at VeriGrain.

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