Commodity Classic 2022 Observations

Innovation, technology, and perseverance will drive the solution for solving the ever-growing demand for food. Now more than ever, it is crucial we get the most out of every bushel grown. Commodity Classic 2022 Observations.
  • Supply increasing consumer demand for quality and quantity
  • Pressure to justify environmental stress from fertilizer, pesticides, water usage, carbon and methane production
  • Eliminate grain degradation and spoiling during storage
The Americans are calling the conflict in the Ukraine what it is…a War. The markets have been crazy the last couple of months. I was reading last night that Ukraine is hoping to plant 30 to 50% of their normal acres this spring. Spring planting will be starting April 1. There are problems with diesel supply, roads being destroyed, the ability to get the planting seeds on time. The Russian army is destroying farm equipment, fields that have been planted last winter, and cutting off access to supplies. Not hard to see their strategy here…they are going to try to starve the Ukrainian people. As an ag community, this is extremely frustrating and hits close to home. VeriGrain is an Agtech company focusing on Sample Acquisition & Data Management.c What gives us hope?
  • Continued rise of the professional farmer. These producers take their professions seriously and strive to improve their operation every year. They have an eye for detail, recognize opportunities that are out there, and position themselves well. We are always talking to producers about getting the most out of what they are growing. Some of our financial partners are telling us that there is up to $100/ac to be made by knowing the quality of your grain and exactly how much you have. The next generation is ready to take on the challenges ahead. Not sure about you, but I find it very satisfying to see bright, engaged, creative, problem-solving young people attending these conferences. They have a bright future
  • Davidson Prize winners. John Deere for See and Spray Select, Fendt Rogator 900 Series Applicator and VeriGrain’s Automate Sampling and Data Management System. Plus all of the other ASABE50 Award Winners – I encourage you to check them out. Technology will be used to drive more data for us to make better decisions, save labour costs and become more efficient. Check out Barn View for an interesting example.
What we do The markets are very advantageous for North American Growers and Processors and as such we need to be able to take advantage of them this Fall. Most of us, in our ag careers, will not have experienced the strength of the commodity prices that we are seeing. Grade differences, falling numbers, any distinguishing characteristics will show up in price gaps between one grade and the next at Harvest 2022. It will be more important than ever to know with certainty what you have both quality and quantity wise. The time to start preparing and thinking about your harvest sample management is rapidly approaching. VeriGrain are the experts in on-farm sample acquisition and digital information management. We bridge the gap between Growers and Processors sharing grain quality and grain quantity information in real time. Anytime there is a Grower direct relationship with the Processor, we can add value by getting and sharing information in a very efficient way.
Grain Producer Samples 445,200 Bushels
VeriGrain's goal is to develop a new standard in Grain Sample Acquisition and Management. We want our Growers and Processors to have confidence in the sample that they have is the most accurate sample possible. VeriGrain has developed a process that can be easily adopted on the farm. We can go as high-tech as you want with our automated samplers, or as low tech with our Manual Sample Assist feature on your smart phone. We will continue describing our process next week. Learn more or sign up for a subscription VeriGrain is an agtech company focusing on Sample Acquisition & Data Management. VeriGrain are the experts in on-farm sample acquisition and digital information management Knowledge is Profit. #Harvest22 #agtech #verigrain #knowlegeisprofit

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