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Why you should prepare before seeding

Your mind is on seeding, ours is on harvest 
A successful farm business is a prepared farm business. You never know what Mother Nature (or your equipment) is going to throw your way, so being prepared is your best risk management tool. 
Planning now could make you more $ per acre after harvest
We often think of grain sampling and data management as an after-harvest activity for grain/seed. However, this should also be part of a farm's best practice when seeding. Seeding is not a sprint, it's a marathon and every step you take is critical as you only get one chance to get it right to set yourself up for a successful harvest.
5 reasons why it's important to take accurate samples during seeding:
    1. Maintain the integrity of the seed (before going through the equipment)
    2. Fall-back in case something goes wrong in the field
    3. Peace of mind - you can complete one-final germ test in your house/office or send it to one of our Lab testing partners
    4. Prevents "forensic agronomy" from having to occur later
    5. Measure targeted plants/m2 with actual plants/m2
Storage, labels, and data management 
Having proper storage, labels, and data management is an important part of any seeding process. You know which seed lot is going to be planted in each field, so if you're already tracking that it's the perfect time to start. This is yet another key information point to manage, as you can check targeted plant stands against germination, seeding rates, and seedling mortality and tie them back to your seed lot. Information is knowledge and knowledge can create value back to you.
The takeaway
    1. Start sampling now for peace of mind. On-farm sampling now means better visibility/manageability of your grain quality and quantity at harvest. Better samples get better prices!
VeriGrain's goal is to develop a new standard in Grain Sample Acquisition and Management. We want our Growers and Processors to have confidence that the sample they have is the most accurate sample possible. VeriGrain has developed a process that can be easily adopted on the farm.  We can go as high-tech as you want with our automated samplers, or as low tech with our Manual Sample Assist feature on your smartphone. 
Learn more or sign up for a subscription .
VeriGrain is an ag-tech company focusing on Sample Acquisition & Data Management. We're experts in on-farm sample acquisition and digital information management. 
Randy EllisRandy Ellis is the Director of Sales and Marketing at VeriGrain P.S. When I was farming, I didn't have a lot of time to go back and check the planted fields before emergence. I was always relieved to see everything pop out of the ground.

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