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Making Every Bushel Count

You are exceptionally lucky if you get one opportunity in a lifetime to do something that truly makes a difference.

With the ever-increasing demand for food, combined with the decreasing quality and quantity of land, it is crucial we ensure every bushel grown gets utilized to the fullest.

The key to achieving this is understanding the grain’s qualities as it is loaded into and out of storage at the farm and tracking it digitally.

This lets growers find markets that can optimally utilize their grain and will pay the maximum price for it. It also ensures processors receive grain with the qualities they purchased so they can operate efficiently.

VeriGrain is a product that truly does makes a difference, giving growers and buyers detailed grain qualities information sooner and interacting digitally, which ultimately results in more and better food getting to consumers.


VeriGrain has received several awards and has been selected to participate in programs with leading ag tech companies that are making a difference in the food chain.

Senior Management

Ken Jackson . CEO - Agriculture and engineering background. 36 years of product and company development and management experience.

Blaine Canitz . COO - PAg CMC. Professional agrologist and Certified Management Consultant. 38 years company development and management experience.

Scott Cunningham . CFO - Business and revenue development and finance background. 35 years company development, capital raising, revenue generation, and management experience.

Grant Devine . VP Strategic Development - MBA, PhD Ag Econ.  Agriculture and university professorship background.  Served two terms as Premier of Saskatchewan. A recipient of the Saskatchewan Order of Merit, is a Fellow of the Canadian Order of Agriculture, and a member of Agriculture Hall of Fame.

Board of Directors

Ken Jackson . Chairman - Agriculture and engineering background. 36 years of product and company development and management experience.

Peter Lacey, Director - Life-long entrepreneur and founder and Executive Chairman of Cervus Equipment Corporation, a billion-dollar company with multiple John Deere and Peterbilt dealerships and manufacturing.

Ben Graham . Director - Agriculture background. President and 20 years with Ad Farm, the largest agriculture-focused marketing agency in North America. Has provided strategic direction to many of the leading agriculture companies.

Mark Barnes . Director – MSc in electrical engineering and a career in telecommunications with AT&T - Bell Labs, Sprint, and KGP Co. Mark has also built-up a farm in eastern Kansas over the past 25 years.


Ross Bricker . Financial - Managing Partner for Westcott Ventures Inc. and past CEO of AVAC Ltd. Has been involved in investing in more than 300 early stage technology and life sciences companies. He is also active in the family farm.

James Chepyha . Financial - Consultant and corporate finance professional with over 20 years of experience, including at Goldman Sachs, working with companies to manage strategic and financial issues.

James Freeman . Technical - MSc in Electrical Engineering and a MBA. 29 years of experience in the telecommunications, Electric Utility, and Oil & Gas industries. 10 years as an executive with Zedi. Currently president of Valentis International, a management consulting and investment company.

Gary Gunthorpe . Technical - BSc in electrical engineering. Gary is President of Deltatee Enterprises, an electronics design and manufacturing company he founded in 1978 which has developed and manufactured a broad range of electronic-based products over the past 40 years.

Rick Pattison . Business – A background in agriculture and business. Owns a broad-acre farm as well as a substantial manufacturing and distribution business. An active agri-tech company investor and a has been a director on several boards.

Guy Cadrain . Farm business - Owns and manages a 22,000 acre farm he has built-up over the past 27 years. Cadrain Farms is very successful broad-acre operation and an early technology adopter.

Rob Saik . Agriculture Technology - Rob is a leading agvocate and has founded several companies, including the Agri-Trend group, which was acquired by Trimble. He is currently founder of Saik Management Group and a prolific agriculture technologies supporter and driver who is well-recognized in the agriculture sector.

Chris Paterson . Agriculture Technology - Involved with agronomy and agribusiness across North America for 25 years. For the past ten years has been directly involved with the development of new business applications and value streams around the Digitization of Farming, Agribusiness, and AgriFood, with senior positions at Agri-trend, Bayer and Xarvio.