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Knowledge is Profit

By Randy Ellis . February 3, 2022

Welcome to VeriGrain's new blog series, Knowledge is Profit. We will be hosting a bunch of interesting pieces here including:  guest spots, a video log, a traditional blog, testimonials, discussions with farmers/growers, the latest news in Ag Tech and we will hear from processors. Plus, you can find out what we are up to at VeriGrain. 

During the WC Crop Production Show we had great conversations with growers and processors about the importance of getting the best representative grain sample possible and what it means financially to a farm business. I had a good discussion with Trent Klarenback (Klarenback Research), talking about after harvest management and the impacts that it can have on a farm business. Real Ag Radio stopped by and interviewed our CEO, Ken Jackson (look for that shortly on our social media).  We also had a masked man from PAMI point to our AE50 award and offer us congratulations.  Another highlight, for me anyway, was the announcement of the 4 members being inducted into the Saskatchewan Agriculture Hall of Fame. Congratulations to all the inductees as VeriGrain's own, Grant Devine.  Busy, productive week for sure.

"VeriGrain Verified is a much-needed new standard for grain sample acquisition and information management for producers that greatly improves the quality of samples so growers know what they have and buyers know what they are getting. Grain gets utilized optimally.... and everyone benefits." Ken Jackson, CEO, VeriGrain.

Knowledge is Profit 

Knowing with certainty what you have could make you up to an additional $100/ac. 

        • Financial impacts of making the most out of every grain you produce
        • BioSecurity impacts of ensuring that the sample you send for testing is representative and there are no hidden surprises
        • Reputational impacts as no-one likes getting the call that their grain is not exactly as the sample that they provided to the buyer
        • Delivery insurance, taking an accurate sample when loading out is important, in case you have any discrepancies with the buyer at unload
        • Helps build a healthier business
VeriGrain improves the profits for grain growers

Sample Acquisition

When unloading a grain truck or semi, we have all been guilty of not paying close enough attention to making sure that we are getting a representative sample of grain going into the bin.  There are constant distractions, a phone call, spilled grain to pick up, unload problems can arise in a split second, and you forget to take samples when you should. This is often over-looked at harvest time as it is a busy time of the year. You are reaping what you sow, all of your hard work is paying off and you have to keep everything moving.

As with everything on the farm, being prepared ahead of time is a key component to ensure that you are ready when harvest arrives.  As well as making sure your bins and equipment are ready, you need to make sure that your farm is ready to ensure that you get an accurate grain sample, identify grain locations, what field the grain came off of, track quality, track quantity and what samples were sent where etc. This can be done manually, on a spreadsheet or with our App.  Rather than writing in a notebook, labelling a pail with info using a sharpie, VeriGrain's process begins with a bar-code. Knowledge is Profit.

Benefits of using Barcodes

      • Improved Accuracy
      • Real-time Data
      • Reduced Training Requirements
      • Better Inventory Management
      • Low cost of implementation

VeriGrain's goal is to develop a new standard in Grain Sample Acquisition and Management. We want our Growers and Processors to have confidence in the sample that they have is the most accurate sample possible. VeriGrain has developed a process that can be easily adopted on the farm.  We can go as high-tech as you want with our automated samplers, or as low tech with our Manual Sample Assist feature on your smart-phone. We will continue describing our process next week. Learn more or sign up for a subscription 

VeriGrain is an agtech company focusing on Sample Acquisition & Data Management. Knowledge is Profit.

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