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VeriGrain - Buyers
VeriGrain - Growers, Accurate sample
Supplying the best product starts with an accurate sample. VeriGrain™ automatically samples the grain as you or your grower load in or out and gets an absolutely accurate, representative sample.
It then digitizes the sample related information and securely stores the data in the cloud where it is easily accessed and shared.
VeriGrain - Buyers
Whether you are shipping a truckload of seed or a trainload for malting, you and your customer want the best performing product possible.
Knowing exactly what you have and traceability makes you a preferred supplier.
VeriGrain™ also identifies spoilage risk so can avoid unwanted surprises.
VeriGrain - Maximize Operational profitability
VeriGrain™ gives you the information you need to make crucial decisions about what and when to buy and how to blend and process.
Knowing what you are buying from the moment it is harvested to when it is shipped avoids costly mistakes, reduces costs, and optimizes profit. Knowledge is profit.

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