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Accurate Samples


VeriGrain helps ensure your customers get accurate - representative samples and lets them easily create a digital record to track sample information.

This gives you accurate information in real-time and reduces sample processing time, so you can negotiate contracts sooner.

Accurate analysis lets you manage incoming logistics better and eliminates unwanted surprises when grain is delivered.

VeriGrain Buyer Process

Connect Better With Your Customers

The VeriGrain app lets you interact with your customers like never before. It gives them a tool that simplifies sample acquisition and information management so that both the customer and you, have more accurate information and confidence about the grain quality and quantity.

The VeriGrain app lets your customers quickly create a record with key information for the grain being sampled, including: container bar code date-time; origin; destination; volume represented; grain; and pictures.

When you receive samples they are preserved with a chain of custody and digital record.

Accurate Samples Are The First Step To Accurate Shipments

A representative sample is essential to accurately determining grain characteristics. VeriGrain's Sample Assist calculates how many scoops are required and the sampling time interval. Your phone beeps and vibrates with it is time to sample in order to ensure the most representative samples possible.

Secure Sample Storage & Shipping With Easy Tracking

VeriGrain sample containers and bags have individual bar codes which can be scanned by your smartphone to track the primary sample and when the sample is split. The containers are durable and sealable and the bags have a tamper-evident seal to ensure the sample and chain of custody is preserved.

Simplified Sample Processing & Handling

Customer samples are representative and arrive in pristine condition with a digital record so customer interaction and sample processing time is significantly reduces. Once analysis is complete, the results are added to the sample record and your customer is automatically notified.

Get More Accurate Market Intelligence Sooner

VeriGrain tracks grain quality and quantity as it goes into the bin so you have accurate, real-time data for what is being harvested. This gives you more accurate information sooner so you can make better informed purchasing decisions with lower risk.

Get What You Bought & Eliminate Surprises

Accurate, representative samples and a digital record means you and your customer have greater certainty of the grain quality being purchased. This ensures that when the grain is delivered that the quality is the same as anticipated and eliminates uncomfortable disputes as well as increasing your handling efficiency and throughput.

Elevate Your Customer Relationships

VeriGrain not only gives you an operational edge over your competition through reduced sample handling, fully digital information exchange, lower risk purchases, and deliveries that match the contract, It differentiates you with your customers and helps them to operate more efficiently and profitability.