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VeriGrain - Traceable and sustainable
VeriGrain - Accurate representative sample
Knowing what you are eating starts with an accurate sample at the farm. VeriGrain™ gets an absolutely accurate, representative sample as grain is loaded in or out of storage.
It then digitizes the sample related information and securely stores the data in the cloud where it is easily accessed and shared. across the food chain.
Consumers - The best food possible
Whether you are feeding or using the grain to make animal or alternative meat, processing into flour for baked goods, or beverages to wash it all down, VeriGrain™ allows key grain characteristics to be identified quickly.
This ensures only the only the best makes it to your table and spoilage and human and animal health risk factors are identified quickly.
VeriGrain - Good for you and the planet
Nutritious food is crucial for optimal health for you and your family.
Knowing where your food came from is important to ensure quality and that it was sustainably grown.
VeriGrain™ creates a digital trail starting at the point of production so food can be traced back to its origin and sustainability can be measured.

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