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Shipping to spec is crucial to your customer relationships and your bottom line.

VeriGrain's smart sampling system ensures you get representative samples which have a chain of custody and the related information is digitally managed, shared, and tracked.

Grain Quality & Quantity Tracking Made Easy

The VeriGrain app lets you quickly create a record with key information for the grain being sampled, including: container bar code date-time; origin; destination; volume represented; grain; and pictures. This lets you easily track grain quality and quantity and digitally interact with labs, buyers, contract and farm management apps, banks, and insurers.  

Accurate Samples Are The First Step To Accurate Shipments

The VeriGrain automated Sample Extractor Module obtains an accurate representative sample - extracting many small samples at a precisely controlled time interval. The samples are pneumatically transferred to the Sample Management Module. 

Simpler Sample Management

The VeriGrain Sample Management Module has a microprocessor, which communicates with the Sample Extractor Module and controls the sampling interval determined by the VeriGrain App. It also monitors various parameters, including grain flow, sampler operation, vacuum and sample container fullness.

Secure Sample Storage & Easier Tracking

VeriGrain sample containers and bags have individual bar codes which can be scanned by your Smartphone to track the primary sample and then when the sample is split. The containers are durable and sealable bags have a tamper-evident seal to ensure the sample and the chain of custody is preserved.

Streamlined Lab Interaction

Samples are easily identifiable, digitally trackable and analysis can be ordered from the app. Analyses results can be added to the digital sample record and easily shared and traced. Manual - multiple data entry is no longer required and sample record management, searching and sharing is more efficient.

Trusted Shipments - Better Customer Relations

Accurate samples and a certified, trusted lab analysis ensures grain shipments meet specification and costly downgrades and rejections are a thing of the past. This builds a trusted relationship with your customers and gives them the confidence to make you a preferred supplier.

Deliver What You Sold & Eliminate Unwanted Surprises

Detailed cloud-based data is secure and can be easily shared with customers to provide traceability on incoming and outgoing shipments. Digital information for transactions ensures accurate and efficient interaction and allows blockchain to be effectively utilized.