SGS_Sherwood Lentils


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SGS - Sherwood

  • Lentils - Harvest Select Pkg (Germination, Ascochyta)$90.00Add to cart
  • Lentils - Harvest Pro Pkg (Germination, Cool stress, Ascochyta)$143.00Add to cart
  • Lentils - Harvest Elite Pkg (Germination, Cool stress, Fungal scan)$206.00Add to cart
  • Lentils - Seeding Select Pkg (Germination, TKW)$49.00Add to cart
  • Lentils - Seeding Pro Pkg (Germination, TKW, Cool stress)$104.00Add to cart
  • Lentils - Seeding Elite Pkg (Germination, TKW, Cool stress, Fungal scan)$225.00Add to cart