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The difference between grades and specific characteristics can change
prices by up to 20 per cent.

Knowing exactly what’s in your bins is crucial for maximum profits.

VeriGrain puts detailed analysis of your grain in the palm of your hand 
so you can find buyers willing to pay maximum prices and have
confidence in what will be delivered.

VeriGrain Grower Cycle

Grain Quality & Quantity
Tracking Made Easy

The VeriGrain app lets you quickly create a record with key information for the grain being sampled, including: container bar code date-time; origin; destination; volume represented; grain; and pictures. This lets you easily track grain quality and quantity and digitally interact with labs, buyers, contract and  farm management apps, banks and insurers.

Accurate Samples Are The First Step To Best Practices

A representative sample is essential to accurately determine grain characteristics.

VeriGrain Sample Assist calculates how many scoops you should take and the sampling time interval. Your phone beeps and vibrates when it's time to take a sample - ensuring you get the best samples possible.

Secure Sample Storage & Shipping With Easy Tracking 

VeriGrain sample containers and bags have individual bar codes which can be scanned by your Smartphone to track the primary sample and when the sample is split.  The containers are durable and sealable and the bags have a temper-evident seal to ensure the sample and chain of custody is preserved.

Independent Analysis Helps You Get The Most For Your Grain

For about $0.02 per bushel you can have an independent, detailed analysis so you know exactly what you have and can find optimal buyers and prices. Sample analyses can be ordered from the VeriGrain app and lab results can easily be added to the sample record. 

See A Detailed Bin Profile Of Grain Characteristics

VeriGrain displays each layer sampled with the related characteristics and moisture, and calculates a weighted average for the bin. Having detailed information and certainty of what's in your bins let you make better, informed selling decisions. 

A Detailed Digital Record Gives Buyers Confidence 

VeriGrain lets you easily share your grain quality and quantity information via email, with multiple buyers anywhere in the world. A certified digital record gives your buyers confidence in what they are purchasing and makes you an A-list customer who consistently gets the best prices and opportunities.

Deliver What You Sold & Eliminate Unwanted Surprises

Having certainty about what is in, and what will come out of, your bin eliminates frustrating downgrades and rejections when you deliver your grain. Taking an outbound sample with VeriGrain provides solid insurance if you don't agree with the sample at delivery point. VeriGrain also provides data to update your inventory. 


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