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VeriGrain - bins
VeriGrain - Growers, Accurate sample
Getting the most for your grain starts with an accurate sample. VeriGrain™ automatically samples your grain as you load in or out and gets an absolutely accurate, representative, sample.
It then digitizes the sample related information and securely stores the data in the cloud where it is easily accessed and shared.
VeriGrain - Growers, Maximize grain value
Knowing exactly what you have to sell, plus traceability gives your buyer confidence to give you optimal pricing, preferred delivery status, and no more downgraded or rejected loads.
VeriGrain™ immediately determines spoilage risk so can quickly decide when and what action is required.
VeriGrain - Growers, Maximize grain value
VeriGrain™ can increase your revenue 3-5% annually, a 6-8x return on investment on the cost of a VeriGrain™ system.
Approximately 70% of grain sold is undervalued because the grower doesn’t know what they have.
Knowledge is profit.

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