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VeriGrain is a complete system that increases sample accuracy, ensures safe storage and easy tracking and streamlines interaction with testing labs to make it easy to know exactly what you have so you can get the most for it.

Easily Manage Sample
& Quality Information

Quickly create a digital record of all the key information related to the sample. Sample records are easily searched by bar code, date-time, field, bin, origin or destination. Grain characteristics can be added from your own instruments, a lab or buyer. Sharing sample information is easy. Just select the samples you want to share and they are automatically attached to an email you can send to a prospective buyer.

Annual Subscription:
$295 Introductory Offer

(regular cost $395)

Get The Most Accurate, Representative Samples Possible

The VeriGrain app is calibrated with the VeriGrain scoop and calculates the optimal sampling interval and number of scoops you need to ensure your sample is representative and the sample container is full. When it's time to take a sample, your phone vibrates and beeps to remind you. The VeriGrain scoop is lightweight and durable.

2 Scoops: $49.00 ($24.50 ea)

Securely Store & Easily Identify Samples 

Containers and bags can be quickly identified using the unique bar code or ID number. Use the rugged 3.5 or 5.0 USGAL container to collect primary samples in the field and securely seal with the snap-fit lid. Split your primary sample into up to four sub-samples, using the rugged tamper-evident resealable bags and track with the VeriGrain app.

20, 3.5 Gal Pails: $198.00 ($9.90 ea) 
10, 5 Gal Pails: $149.00
($15.80 ea)
50 Bags: $44.00 ($0.88 ea)

Large sample box

Securely Ship & Track Samples 

Shipping boxes and envelopes are labeled and express mail prepaid. Pack in as many samples as will fit (up to 5kg) and put in the mail. Scan the bar code with the VeriGrain app to track your box to the lab. Samples are secure and arrive at their destination quickly and in the same condition you packed them.

12 Small Boxes: $269.00 ($22.42 ea)
12 Large Boxes: $339.00
($28.50 ea)

Know Exactly What You Have With An Independent Analyses

The Verigrain app makes sample analysis ordering easy. Just locate the sample you want in the app and click 'Order Analysis'. Choose the lab from the Labs menu then select the tests you want and place your order. The lab matches to the sample you send and emails the results, which can be easily added to the sample record.

Cost varies by analyses required