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VeriGrain - Products
Sample Management
Secure Storage
VeriGrain™ App
Scans and records sample container bar code.
Creates traceable record for grain and sample.
Allows user to determine sampling interval based on grain volume.
Add characteristics.
Sample Extractor
Automatically, extracts cross-cut samples that are accurate and representative.
Easily mounts at grain discharge on auger, conveyor, or leg.
Highly visible LED lighting indicates proper operation and problems.
Sample Management
Samples are transferred from the Sample Extractor pneumatically via a clear conduit.
LEDs clearly indicate system operations and identify problems.
110 volt / 25 amp power requirement – from AC source or 12 volt > 110 volt inverter.
Secure Storage
Trusted Sample™ containers have bar codes to allow easy identification and tracking.
Rugged poly containers can be sealed to preserve sample integrity and prevent degradation from environmental or human factors.
Data Management
Cloud-based data is secure and can be easily managed and shared with others.
Lab analytics data can be automatically uploaded.
Interact with farm data management platforms, grain buyers and brokers.

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